A record of works that belong to none of the group of artwork since 1975. Text: Aris Georgiou 90 pages. 29.7x21cm. Collector's publication in 5 copies. Idiocheiros, Thessaloniki, 2007.


Aris Georgiou, "MISDEEDS"

The obsession with organizing and filing my things that has possessed me over the last year or so has brought me face to face –among all the objects, images, plans, paintings, photographs – with a series of ‘gestures’ that have occurred over the years and do not lend themselves to easy classification. I realized that I had been hoarding these things, reluctant to part with them but not certain what they were, works of art or memorabilia. And I also realized that now, again without really knowing why, I had found the courage to take them out and look at them again, sometimes in serious mood, sometimes with a smile, classifying them in a set of items whose diversity connects them without necessarily defining them.

I see that these ‘deviations’ from my more conventional activities first manifested themselves in around 1973. Not only have they not faded with time, they seem from time to time to have actually blossomed. I also realize that I have continued to ‘deviate’ until very recently, and I suspect that I am unlikely to cease, as long as one stimulus or another impels me to express myself through whatever means I find to hand.