Eκδόσεις Διαγωνίου, σειρά Tέχνης 14. Θεσσαλονίκη, 1992. Kείμενο καί 18 φωτογραφίες (1980-81) τού Άρι Γεωργίου. Aσπρόμαυρη διτονική εκτύπωση, 52 σελίδες, 24x17εκ., καλλιτεχνική βιβλιοδεσία.

A letter by Angelo Schwarz

Dear Aris,

I was delighted to receive your gift of a letter with your latest sensational little book (“little” only in format, I hasten to add). I hope one day to be able to read the Greek text that goes with the pictures, with the unselfish help of a student of mine. Though the photographs cannot speak to me in words, their organisation and presentation, page by page, establish for me the significance of a presence and an absence in a place marked by family affection and values. There is impending death in the photographs; it is not here yet, but we know it will come soon. And it’s the death of a loved one. What I find interesting, tantalising, about this book is, on the one hand, the awareness of impending death as the accomplishing of old age ― the old age of the individual, but also of the objects which belong to her ― and on the other, the power, the magnificence of remembrance as a kind of non-transcendent eternity ― which doesn’t exclude other forms of eternity ― which is therefore possible for us too. The whole thing is concentrated in your photographs, in a “before” which is already an “after”.


Angelo Schwarz

Saluzzo, 17 July 1992